Why SwayMarkets?

At SwayMarkets, we’ve designed a fully-featured crypto spot trading platform and exchange for all digital assets on CoinMarketCap. This service is supported by useful tools that every trader can use to develop their own portfolios quickly and easily. We are continually striving to deliver innovative crypto and blockchain solutions that shift the direction of crypto to become more user friendly and accessible to the world.

Our website and app are designed to be a hub for everything crypto. We want to be a one-stop-shop for you. As well as access to our fully-featured trading platform, here you can stay up to date with the latest news and commentary. We’ve also created helpful FAQs to understand basic features or detailed instructions. Whether you’re an experienced trader, or just making your first steps in the world of cryptocurrency, SwayMarkets can enable your journey.



Trust and security

Keeping fees low is of top importance to us here at SwayMarkets. We’re here to enable your crypto journey, never to hold you back. We protect your funds by storing 10% of all trading fees in a secure asset fund. Security is our top concern.

Every transaction is protected by end-to-end encryption. You and only you have access to your account and portfolio. You can even restrict devices that access your account, for some true peace of mind.

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Our Values

About SwayMarkets

Affordability and trust. That’s what matters to us. Crypto is the future of money. We wanted to give more people a say in that future. Sway is a crypto trading platform with low management fees and world-class security.

We’re powered by a team of talented crypto-enthusiasts. We’ve built SwayMarkets from the ground up to address the challenges that we and our community have faced on other platforms. We listen to our community!

Crypto is a market that is constantly expanding and innovating. We’re proud to support this ethos on our platform, and you’ll see regular updates with news, views and more features as they emerge. To join our community, sign up and start your journey.

Cryptocurrency FAQs

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