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Have you heard of Sway Markets and wondered what we’re all about?
Maybe you’re considering getting involved with our platform but would like a little more insight on who we are and what makes us the right broker for you? Let’s look at all these points and more as we deep dive into the world of Sway Markets!
Who We Are; What We Do
At Sway Markets, we are a fully regulated 24/7 forex brokerage built by traders for traders. We exist to help traders like ourselves seize market opportunities in seconds with the assistance of our cutting-edge technology. Through Sway Markets, you can trade financial markets and discover the wide world of cryptocurrency as it opens before you. Trade all your favorite assets with leverage and carry out market orders with immediate effect – a quick, responsive service every time. Just as our customers have fellow traders want!
How To Get On The Platform
So, to get set up, we offer 4 account types for different trader levels – Standard, Var, Pro, and Mini. Each level of account gives you leverage up to 1:500 and access to trade forex, crypto, metals, indices, stocks & commodities. You can read more in-depth on these types on our website and choose the most suitable. Create your account and start trading instantly!
Staying true to our promise of efficiency, you can open an account within minutes on Sway Markets and avail of our 24/7 service with instant transactions.
What Do We Stand For?
Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we know what forex traders want and need from a trading broker, and we aim to tick all those boxes to deliver 10/10. We have simplified the process to be as smooth as possible, from sign-up to executing trades.
As well as this, we provide impeccable customer service to help you with any advice or issues you may need assistance with while using our platform. With our straightforward approach and accessibility, we have opened the trading market to a broader net, making it accessible to more people and leading the way among forex brokers with our excellent user experience.
What Are Our Main Selling Points?
First of all, let’s reiterate the above. We provide great ease of entry to our site and make it simple to set up an account for trading and selling. An easy experience makes for a more enjoyable experience, and that’s why we’ll never have you jumping through hoops.
Furthermore, you can execute trades rapidly across multiple currencies and markets. Whether you want to trade in EUR, USD, GBP, or others, you can do so with us. A complete list of the currencies and markets we deal with can be found on the Trading Assets section of our site. Our broad range of markets opens our door to yet more traders, encouraging a strong community vibe throughout.
We Want Our Traders To Succeed
As a broker, your success is ours; therefore, it’s our business to ensure you do well. Any brokerage should be considered a well-oiled machine that helps everyone involved succeed where they try, and this is exactly us.
We mentioned a community feeling above, and our reasoning for this is that there is strength and security in numbers. Communities thrive on diversity, and we welcome a whole range of traders, whether you trade crypto, stocks, trade indices or commodities. The stronger the community, the safer you feel, and when each of our traders has experienced that value of this with Sway Markets, it serves to only benefit the traders and community even more.
Sway Markets Embraces Innovation & Collaboration
This unique approach sets Sway Markets apart from all other crypto brokers and brokers on the forex market, and we aim to keep it this way. We aim always to stay one step ahead and predict the wants of our traders before they become a need. Additionally, we want to offer our community members the chance to become Introducing Brokers for Sway Markets. You can enjoy unlimited commission and high potential returns as an IB with us.
Not only this, but our IBs get Access to an exclusive IB Portal where you can enjoy live tracking and analytics features and have your Affiliate Account Manager committed to your success. Learn all about becoming an Introducing Broker for Sway Markets on our site.