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The security of our clients’ accounts is paramount to us. In the trading world, keeping an eye open for scams and phishing is very important. We urge all of our customers to be extra vigilant about their account information. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you do not share your passwords with anyone. It is essential to keep passwords and personal information safe and secure.

5 Tips to keep your account safe:

Communicate Securely!

Kindly note that Sway Markets is not affiliated with any trading academies, external training accounts, or any external providers where memberships fees are required. We do not charge any fees to sign up with our brokerage or trading platform used to trade.

Should we need to contact you, an email will be sent via A call-back can be requested by sending an email to the above email address or by clicking here. A suitable date and time to be contacted should be provided and a confirmation email will be sent confirming the call-back. You are more than welcome to send an email to our support team to confirm you are speaking to one of our agents.

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Any Doubts? Contact Us

If you notice any suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to report the matter to investigate this from our side.

Our fantastic customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat, email, or by requesting a call to assist you.

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